Why Saturday Morning Cartoons?

As a wee little kid, I would binge-watch an insane amount of cartoons. Every Saturday morning, I would wake up at the butt crack of dawn, run downstairs, and watch my favorites until I couldn’t see straight.

Once I morphed into an awkward teen, my obsession shifted to any and all comics.

Now as an adult (lol), my palate has matured (lol) and I now tear through books, movies, shows, video games, podcasts, Twitter threads, snacks, and pretty much anything else I can get my grubby little hands on. Yes…this 100% still means cartoons. 

My excuse is that most of it helps get the creative juices flowing (ew), but let’s be honest - I have zero self control and like everyone else right now, I’m constantly looking for a way to escape the harsh hellscape that is the real world.

This is why every Saturday morning, I want to share everything I consume and some things I create, because let’s face it - there’s no such thing as a free newsletter. I’ll try not to be too spammy or self-promotion-y, I promise :)

So, put on those footy pajamas, pour yourself a big ‘ol bowl of Cap’n Crunch, and smash that “Subscribe” button!

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